BaseI6 Updater

I know, it’s been a while since I last posted something in this blog. I could say I’m sorry, but I doubt a lot of people would actually read my apologies ;). I spent the last few days rewriting a new tool to update the FlySky FS-i6. This new tool can be easily used in […]

FlySky i6 part 4: Custom updater

/!\ This updater is unstable, see there for the newer version /!\ Hi everyone! Today the train workers are in strike, so I can’t go to college, so I have plenty of time to release the product of my work! But first thing first, a little bit of explanation. Today I’ll show you how the […]

FlySky i6 part 2: A l’intérieur de la télécommande

Dans le précédent article, on avait remarqué qu’en plus d’envoyer au FC nos 6 canaux, le récepteur de la commande FS-i6 fournissait également 8 canaux supplémentaires. Il serait intéressant de pouvoir débloquer ces 8 canaux. Pour cela, la première chose à faire est de vérifier si ils sont bien transmis de la commande à son […]

[EN] FlySky i6 IBus: 14 channels! (part1)

I’m a student (in electronic engineering), and I’m broken as… a student! Yet I am like a child who wants a toy: a quadcopter! My quest to have such a thing has been quite easy, until I had to choose a Transmitter. Finaly a nice box containing a FlySky FS-i6 arrived at my door. It […]