FlySky i6: Installing RCEYE NovaX350 firmware

Hello my dear followers! 2 days ago, RClogger released their firmware for the NovaX 350 TX. Time to see if we can use it on a FlySky/TGY i6 !

EDIT: It seems that the RClogger official updater works directly with the i6 units, so this post isn’t really usefull 😉
But if you want to read it, you’re welcome. My work won’t be completely useless if you do 😉

As suspected, the TX is a rebranded FlySky i6, even if they say the opposite on their forum… (« not firmware compatible » ahah, nice try…). So after about 10 minutes (included coffee drinking time) I found references of a « flysky i6 bootloader » in their updater. The only thing to do to flash their firmware in the i6, is to extract the files from the .exe using 7zip, and use the new release of my updater, included at the end of this article.

See for more informations about the NovaX 350.

So, how to install:

  • Install 7zip
  • Download their firmware here
  • Open the .exe file with 7zip, go to .rsrc\2052\BIN\ and extract the 147 file
  • copy the 147 file next to the BJCT_i6_updater_0.2.exe
  • Use my updater:
    • use the « open X 115200 » command (replace the X with your COM port number)
    • put your TX in firmware update mode
    • use the « ping » command to check if the TX is responding
    • use « flashup 147 » command

It should update and reset the TX. Beware: the right command to use is flashup! It will flash an unpadded firmware, wich doesn’t includes the bootloader.

Why use the NovaX350 firmware? It also does 8 channels, and have timer/counter function. But I you ask me I don’t find the timer easy to use…


PS: Help me to buy a new oscilloscope: Donate on PayPal !
Any help is really appreciated 😉


/!\ I’m not responsible for any harm you could do to your hardware, do it at your own risks /!\

Updater v0.3

20 réflexions au sujet de « FlySky i6: Installing RCEYE NovaX350 firmware »

  1. Hello Thom!
    I would like to perform some tweaks on TX firmware (most of all I want to enable SBUS output in IA6B receivers). Can you provide me your IDA file? It will reduce my effort:) Thanks


  2. this is awesome, just gone through the git repo ( installed the different firmwares, now i see people have opted to use the ia6b rx for the ppm support. i opted to order a ia10 rx hope this works, but as i am messing about with these firmwares it occurred to me that the NovaX R8 8ch rx with ppm and telemetry looks very similar to the ia6 reciever, like it has just been converted to support PPM and the spare 4 channels have been turned into telemetry ??UART??, i dont know enough to know how to flash the rx but it would be interesting to see if this was possible hint hint. i assume someone has a bitscope logic analyzer unfortunately i do not.


    1. Bonjour, j’utilise la flysky fsia6b.
      Pour d’autres infos je conseille de suivre ce forum:
      Pour l’instant je n’ai plus beaucoup le temps de travailler dessus, mais d’autres ont pris le relais et fais du bon boulot je pense ;).
      Il y a un nouvel updater et un nouveau firmware à cette adresse par exemple:
      (je précise que ce n’est pas codé par moi mais par dave borthwick du forum rcgroups, je ne voudrais pas voler le travail d’un autre 😉 )


      1. Sorry I never replied, I mustn’t have ticked the notify me by email box. I found in the end that neither the tgy or fs updater’s worked with my 64 bit windows 10 machines. I suddenly thought of that and tried it on an old windows XP machine and it worked like a charm.


      1. 8 ch is a real improvement 😉 Do you have a IA6B receiver? Can you try to bind it and see if all the channels are working? I read on another forum that it is impossible to bind to RX once updated to RClogger firmware


  3. Hi ! Every time I try to ping the open connection, windows complains and says that the program stop responding and it closes it.. I’ve tried with both BaseJ updater (v0.1 and v0.3).

    Nevertheless, It opens the port successfully. Should I still try to flash it ? And what’s the name of the patch in v0.3 ? The zip file is just an exe file 🙂 There’s no instructions !

    BTW, nice job !


  4. hello, i have an flysky i6, and have a firmware cable i purchased from ebay. Would i be able to do a direct firmware upgrade to the rclogger firmware, by just clicking on the rclogger firmware update?

    im too noob to try your method, it seems easy enough, but knowing my luck somethign will go wrong lol



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