BaseI6 Updater

I know, it’s been a while since I last posted something in this blog. I could say I’m sorry, but I doubt a lot of people would actually read my apologies ;).

I spent the last few days rewriting a new tool to update the FlySky FS-i6. This new tool can be easily used in a toolchain, with the goal of simplifying the development of new or ported firmwares for the transmitter.

It is available on github here but I’ll give some more explanations.


Capabilities of the BaseI6 Updater v1.1:

  • detect the transmitter
  • compute and write the CRC CCITT signature needed by the image to boot
  • flash image (with or without the bootloader) to the transmitter using the original serial bootloader
  • reset the transmitter

You can simply download the github repo and follow the instructions on the readme to flash any firmware image you want. Basically, you just need to open the run.bat file, change the com port number to match yours, and put the name of the file you want to upload. The FlyPlus firmware created by Dave Borthwick is included in the repo, it allows 10 channels transmission. (thanks to him)

For more details about the various options, please check to the readme.

My focus is now on developing the toolchain. I already have a working one in kinetis design studio, that allows me to compile firmware images that are compatible with the original bootloader. That means that future developpers won’t need the costly JTAG/SWD interface to upload their own code. As soon as my tools are clean and ready, I’ll release a template kinetis project.

One last thing before I close this post. As I already said I’m a student. That means I’m not really « gold plated ». The problem is, I really want a new scope. My old CRT Hameg one is not in a good shape and starts to fail. In order to fund this scope ( a cheap rigol would be great ) I’m starting giving a PayPal link to accept donations. I doubt I would receive much, but who knows? 😉  By the way, you do as you like and I won’t be mad if I don’t receive anything. I’ll continue to work on personnal projects anyway.

Donate on PayPal

See you soon,


/!\ I’m not responsible for any harm you could do to your hardware, do it at your own risks /!\

6 réflexions au sujet de « BaseI6 Updater »

  1. Hey Thom. First of all, congrats for your work.
    I have a couple of questions that you may have answers.
    I have a clone of fs-i6 tha is called fy-q7 and is sold together with a flying3d x6 quad.
    This Tx have some weird firmware inside and from what i red there are guys that try to flash the standard fs-i6 firmware and bricked it.
    There is someone on RCGroups that managed to install but only via SWD the full .bin.
    I only have a ftdi board and i need to flash this fy-q7 with the original/10ch fw because i bought a quad tha only supports afhds and with this fw i can not change from afhds2a to afhds.
    Do you have any idea if your updater will be able to flash this Tx?
    If not, should i try to buy one SWD board and flash?

    Thank you in advance


    1. Hi. Do you have a full binary image of the flash of this TX? I could look into it. In the meantime, don´t use my updater, as it is copying at the same memory locations as the official one.


  2. Thanks for this great tool! Just wanted to tell you I tried with Wine under OSX and it just works (had to setup a link for the COM port, but that’s standard Wine-stuff). I believe it should work just the same under Linux.


  3. Hi. I want to thank you for your job. But i have question. It is super to have 10 chanels, but it is posible to modify software for using 7-10 chanels in mix and in « center » menu? Sorry my english…


    1. Thank you. I’m not the creator of this 10 channels firmware, actually, I just made the uploader program. The flyplus 10 channels firmware was made, after my first 8 channel firmware, by someone called Dave Borthwick on the forums. I stopped developing this kind of firmware because reverse engineering and patching is really time consuming, but I’m currently working on tools that would enable the port of open source firmware such as openTX or er9x.


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